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When you access this site and interact with it in any manner, you agree to the following. First this website and game is made and is the property of Wizard Tower Games, this website and game will be updated regularly and you can keep up with these changes by acessing the NEWS button in the top menu bar.

This game is fantasy and is not meant to portray any real person or location. The storylines, plots and situations are all fiction. By engaging in this site in any manner you are made aware of this. By engaging, playing or interacting with the storylines, plots and situations in this site you agree to release Wizard Tower Games, its owners, contractors, employees, managers and staff of any and all liability. This site may have graphics that move, flash and otherwise could cause those with epilepsy and other related issues problems. So your use of this site is at your own risk.

Due to the ever changing and the constant state of improvement in this site, this site is considered in development and makes no promises as your experience. World of Zonk and it's associated pages, sites and content will change without notice as we are always improving the site.

We are always looking to improve the experiences of those who play this game, thus if you have ideas as to how we can improve the overall experience and or the game. You can go to the Wizard Tower Games website and use the contact information as listed there and make suggestion. We love creative input no matter what it is. We know we will only become better when we listen to you.


This website and its storylines do have situations and plots where there is violence. Thus if you do not want your child exposed to situations that emulate fighting, death and or other similar situations we advise you to not let your child play this game.


Wizard Tower Games is the developer of this site and game. We are a small game developer located in the State of Michigan in the United States. We value all gamers, and feel that we are what we call a gamer driven company. We consider ourselves this as we feel that the only way our games will become better is if we listen to those who play them.